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User Experience Design
Users decide within the first 50 milliseconds whether they like your website and should stay there or not. 57% of them, do not recommend a business with a poorly designed or outdated looking website.

We make sure, that your site is intuitive, well structured and, most importantly, an absolute eye-catcher.

Website Maintainance
Have you got tired of always updating your website yet? That is relatable. Updates, backups, security scans among content and design updates can be very time consuming and confusing. However, it is important, that somebody takes care of your system, since outdated software can prove as an entry for hackers and make it unstable.

That is why we take care of your website and ensure, that all of your content along with the system is always up-to-date.

Profile Websites
No matter if you want a website for your business, a portfolio for yourself, a blog or a make-over of your current page – we will do it!

With a focus on solid web development for all devices and a lot of know-how in WordPress development and cyber-security, we build a website that you can count on.

Online Shops
You want to offer your products online to reach more customers and increase revenue? Be our guest. We take care of everything, from the bare concept, all the way to the launch of your online-shop.


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CI & Logo | Website

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    About Us

    Who are you?

    This is aChroma.

    A project of talented people in the online marketing and communication business. With aChroma we offer everything that successful companies need to effectively communicate their core values.

    That’s why we do it.

    We couldn’t help but notice that lots of companies fail to reach their target audience. Therefore, our goal is to support our clients with getting more people excited about their brand.

    That’s how we do it.

    The combination of sophisticated user experience design, innovative corporate identity creation and solid web development, ensures that our services are up to your expectations!

    Sebastian Joey Lamprecht

    Founder and Developer

    My experience with web development started back in high school, when I was more interested in programming websites than in studying chemistry. After my graduation I took a course in cyber security and ethical hacking. While studying business informatics at WU Vienna, I worked as web developer at a communication agency. During this time I was able to gather a lot of valuable knowledge in this field. However, I also saw, that many companies fail to successfully communicate their creed to their clients. With the goal of making a difference I founded aChroma in 2020.

    In my leisure time I play the bass, brew beer and practice horsemanship and western riding. | LinkedIn

    Wendy Kok

    User Experience Designer

    I am an Austrian – Dutch UX Designer.

    Working since May 2020 mainly as a self-employed designer and actress. My background consists of several years of Print Design and Brand Design in various agencies and a few years as head of Marketing and Communications as a volunteer for the scout event Roverway 2018 in the Netherlands. | | LinkedIn